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Move us forward, from the center of it all.

This is your chance to deliver an impact that resonates across our company. In our always evolving organization, there are a wide range of opportunities in areas like Finance & Accounting, Human Resources, Marketing, Legal and more. Let's move forward together - continuing to deliver the very best in TV, Internet, Voice and Mobile. Everything we do here leads to important connections across our company and for customers across the country.

There is a strong connection here

When you make a difference for us inside our offices, a whole world of opportunities opens up. See how a Corporate role is just the start of an impressive career.

Marjorie Truitt: So I think most people think of Spectrum as just a cable company, and cable companies aren't known for being necessarily on the cutting edge of technology, but our data science team is actually using pretty high-tech machine learning techniques to predict customer behaviors so that we can improve customer experience.

Najeed Abdul: In my role as a director of software development, I'm responsible for multiple software engineering and delivery teams, especially on the video line of business. We are encouraged and we have multiple initiatives that are constantly going on to innovate so that we can provide new services to our customers.

Salina Khatha: I'm a senior product designer at Spectrum. Through the agencies, my role specifically is in news, sports and communications. We help deliver products that are either external facing or internal facing. My current app is a Spectrum News app. So that is a mobile application for iOS and Android. And the goal of that is to deliver news to our Spectrum customers.

Najeed Abdul: I started at Spectrum as a solutions architect. The team was great, and that's where I learned a lot about technology. And then I was offered a position of Director of Software Development. I strongly believe in the opportunities that Spectrum gives me. I think growth comes organically as long as you do good work.

Marjorie Truitt: I started as a senior manager, leading a small team. And as our data analytics firm grew, I did get a couple of nice promotions pretty quickly. I feel like Spectrum was very supportive of my growth. I've been to leadership training, which has been really helpful with going from leading a small team to now leading an almost 40 person organization.

Najeed Abdul: The reason Spectrum attracted me was because of the people and the technology. The technology is cutting edge and the people that I work with are very smart and I get to learn from them.

Marjorie Truitt: Our team is collaborative and welcoming. We all want to help each other succeed instead of competing with each other. And I think because of that, it makes people want to stay.

Najeed Abdul: We like to have fun. Sometimes we go play ping pong downstairs, or go get a coffee, or we just hang around and chat. I believe in work hard, play hard.

Salina Khatha: My team specifically is small and mighty. We're actually all female except for one. So that feels empowering in the sense that we are agile. We're collaborative. We're super fun.

Marjorie Truitt: At my team, we have a fairly good training program where we are able to hire candidates straight out of college and provide them with the tools that they need to succeed. And for someone who's maybe earlier in their career, it's a really great place to launch your career and learn very quickly.

Salina Khatha: I think the benefits of working at Spectrum specifically and at a larger scale is, your work is a feeling touched by many. So that should be exciting if you're a designer, especially in product. We have the opportunity to use our technology to impact the world.

Corporate Teams

Help our people grow, thrive and succeed. We're the team that finds future innovators and helps our current employees achieve their potential - so they can keep going beyond for our customers.

Leverage data to drive insights about our company and how we can build a stronger future. As partners in innovation, our team relies on collaboration and out-of-the-box thinking to maximize performance and keep us at the forefront of technology.

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Oversee and expand the buildings and locations that allow every single one of our teams to do impressive work. Earn the reward of knowing how many people your efforts impact.

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Support a multibillion-dollar business with the insight and tools that ensure our company - and your career - achieve major growth. Join a strong, interconnected network of finance specialists, anticipating our organization's needs and delivering effective solutions.

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With employees in all 41 states that we serve, we're engaged with our government at every level. Our team works with federal and state agencies to guarantee the best interests of our customers and our organization.

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Help our people grow, thrive and succeed. We're the team that finds future innovators and helps our current employees achieve their potential - so they can keep going beyond for our customers.

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Offer key expertise that allows us to deliver for our customers with excellence. Stakeholders will look to us for analysis and guidance on a variety of issues ranging from Cybersecurity, to Intellectual Property to Litigation and beyond.

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Help us effectively reach audiences as we continue to deliver groundbreaking products. Across owned, paid, shared and emerging media platforms, we're focused on building stronger connections to more customers than ever.

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Our most valuable asset is our people. So we'll look to your skill set to keep them safe and secure through loss prevention, corporate security and the investigations we perform.

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Discover the paths we've taken

With so many possibilities, there's no one way to shape a career with us. Take a look at how just a few of our people have done it.

  • PC Repair Technician
  • Business to Business Sales
  • Sr. Instructional Designer

"We are encouraged to be creative and achieve our professional goals as well as shared company goals. This balance is what keeps me motivated to learn, grow, and be successful."

Jeremy, Sr. Instructional Designer
  • Learning, Design Facilitator
  • Sales Manager
  • VP, Learning Solutions

"I have always felt comfortable and confident at Spectrum. I am able to express my views, ask questions, and leverage my talented peers and leaders to learn. "

Diana Monk, VP, Learning Solutions
  • Mantainance Manager
  • Facilities Supervisor

"Spectrum invested in me by helping me obtain several facility management credentials. I can now gain access to future facility management and project management positions at Spectrum."

Raymond Coleman, Facilities Supervisor

Kick-start your Finance career

With three full-time rotations in two years, our Finance Rotational Program gives you the chance to work across different functional areas of our team. Along the way, you'll build up your skill set and gain exposure to key leaders across our company. At the end of your program, we'll work with you to uncover opportunities for placement on our team.

See where we work

Our diverse Corporate campuses and offices are found in cities you'll want to call home.


Charlotte is home to more than 2,000 employees who make up some of our most essential corporate teams.

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Denver is where our Technology and Network Operations teams are working on our biggest upgrades.

Learn More about Spectrum in Denver

St. Louis

Our 200,000 square foot St. Louis complex includes teams like Legal, Finance, IT and more.


Our newly built headquarters in Stamford is where many of our leaders work alongside teams like Marketing, Business Planning and Program Management.

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